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Right Size or Downsize?

So I was catching up with a group of friends the other night. We were all putting the world to rights and talking about life in general when the conversation moved towards houses and where we wanted to live when we grew up. Now you need to understand that we are all approaching, or some of us have approached 50, so you would think that one of us may have grown up by now!

We all lived in London right into our 20’s but some of us made the decision to move away, settle down, have children and raise our families in the countryside. Now we are that bit older and some of our children have chosen to fly the nest we find ourselves re-evaluating where we want to be and what size home is the right size home for us?

Whilst some of us dream of living by the sea, others crave the city life again. Some of us liked the idea of having a smaller property with less upkeep giving us more time for enjoying life. However, whatever your preference is there is no getting away from the fact that moving home can be a very costly habit. Not only are there the costs of buying and selling but also legal fees and stamp duty this all adds up and can sometimes become impractical. It is therefore vital that if you do choose to move you don’t make the wrong choice in area or property. A small investment into a home finding professional could end up saving you a fortune. You can contact us on 01822 660522. We are here to help you through any kind of house move.

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